Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Laura Canale, Part II

Ready for more Laura Canale?

If you've ever met Laura in person you will quickly realize that, besides being a bundle of constantly moving energy, and chockful of personality, she has a great eye for detail.

Check out this wonderful card she made using our Arrgh! Piratey! Clear Set. This is Anthony's all-time favorite sets and this card just about made him yelp!

Notice the distressing all around the card, and the wonderful way she split the corners of the card to give it that aged look. Check out the belly band. It is also distressed.

Slip off the belly band and here is the inside. I love how she made a scroll for the saying and even left a space on the right for a secret Pirate message.

And even though the card has a distressed look, she still gives "Errol" (or as Anthony calls him "Little Stabby") just a little bling.

Here is the last card by Laura. Made even more wonderful by the repeating wave shapes. Fab.

Thanks for playing with our stamps, Laura. Love what you've done with them


Leigh OBrien said...

OMG....look at that map card! Just fabulous. could not have made a better choice. Laura is amazing fersure!

toners said...

Fabulous job once again, Laura!! :)


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