Monday, January 22, 2007

Super Delicious Goodness

After reading Buzzville's account of her trip up to the SF Bay Area I had to make my way over to Daiso.

I want to say that it is in the same place that the old Farrell's but I would be lying. The old Farrell's building is long gone and so is my memory of where it stood. It was a crazy place where we would go after bowling, team championships and the Prom. Their menu had items like the "Zoo" (filled with a multitute of plastic animal toys), the "Volcano" and the "Pig's Trough."

The order of certain menu items would bring the staff hurtling through the restaurant with the item on a fringed "stretcher" with bells and whistles 'ablowin'. And did I mention the sirens? There were sirens , too!Then Farrell's was gone and another piece of my past disappeared with it. Happily, Farrell's is BACK. Making a triumphant return in Santa Clarita. I may just have to go the 316 miles and 5 hour drive to taste my favorite "Gibson Girl" sundae once again. It will be worth it, I know.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Robot love

Between filling orders (Thank you, everyone) and doing inventory. And prepping for the upcoming shows and the like I had yet to sit down and play with the stamps in the new line.

Since I design the images months in advance and tweak and pull and adjust each one many, many times by the time the images are actually born as stamps I am designing the next line without getting to play with them.

So this week I was inspired by Julie Ebersole. And came up with this little card.

I used my favorite paper, Perle that I got at the Paper Zone (This paper is so great because it is so dense that ink sits nicely on top and doesn't get sucked into it. Plus it has these purty gold sparkles in it for added bling.) Then I used Brilliance Platinum Planet and stamped Love Rocket, Small Whirlygig, and I see stars on it.

Love Robot came next, stamped in Versafine Onyx Black, and then I used a black Marvy Marker to swipe the balloons from Tink with balloons and draw in the balloon strings. Punched out the little cutie and mounted him on a scalloped punchout. I used the Sakura glaze and glitter pens to color him in.

I used Versafine again to stamp You send me and used punches to create the holes for threading the ribbon which I fastened on itself with a spiffy red brad.

He's a cutie.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Are you feeling the Love, yet?

It must be love!

The new Love stamps are up on the website, all bright and shiny, and looking for love. There's something for everyone.

I've always found doing Valentine stamps really hard to do. This time the ideas just kept coming. (Maybe it's because my sweetie and I are celebrating our tenth year together.)

And, you got a little taste of some of the cute cards that our talented designers did in a previous post, but I've posted 16 new card designs in the gallery that will wow you. I must say, these ladies outdid themselves this time.


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