Friday, September 29, 2006

On pins and needles

It's been 2 days since Project Runway and I am STILL recovering. I was so nervous for Michael and Uli that I had to pour myself a stiff one.

In the end I was really impressed with Uli. I thought she was going home for sure. But, she pulled in out in the end and produced a really modern fun dress. AND did you check out all the hand beading that went into this dress? I was so impress by her dress that I put down my martini and gave her a standing ovation.

Michael, on the other hand gave me a fright when he got his creative block. We all get them and it was refreshing to see that someone as creative as Michael gets them too.

But, his outfit scared me. The design was overworked and a little sleazy. Even his model didn't seem to like it. And what was with the HAIR. During the judging I was so sad when I thought he was going home.

This latest installment really shows the creative hole you can dig yourself into when you have too much time. Sometimes, it's best just to sit down and do something, like Uli did, and work through the block. Ideas start to flow freely and things come to you that never would have while hunched over a sketchbook. And sometimes, like Uli, you come up with a winner.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I love pattern

For several decades I hated pattern. I turned up my nose to anything with a dot or a little stripe. I only wore black. Perhaps it was my art student mentality, or the fact that I had to wear PLAID for 12 years. (Yes, I was in Catholic school). Give me a good set of monochromatic solids and I was a happy camper.

Growing up in the 80's I felt like an outcast. There was pattern everywhere, assaulting my eyes with polka dots and lace, patterned leather. Even big frosted hairstyles were sprayed in different colors and patterns using stencils and the like.

A college friend of mine told me her "interview outfit" was an crazy mix of blue and white check, stripe and polka dot. "Then," she said, "after I put it on, if I haven't thrown up yet, I put on the dotted stockings and polka dot shoes."

It wasn't until a stint as a textile librarian in a decorator showroom that I truly began to appreciate that the "clever little stripe" or that "funky pattern" really looked good together. So now I can't seem to help myself from mixing this pattern with that.

Like this card. If there were more room I'm sure I could stick in a couple more patterns.

P.S. Here is a peek at the new collection currently only available at a stamp store near you. Go and bug them to check into it.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Convention Fever

I love a convention!

When I lived in Southern California there seemed to be a stamp convention within driving distance every 2 months. And boy, did I take advantage of it. Meandering through the convention hall, visiting with vendors that soon became fast friends. The excitement of new techniques and products..... I've even been lucky enough to work a couple of conventions at American Art Stamp.

Lately, I've been toying with the idea of having my own booth. Perhaps, because Daisy at at Stamp on over put the idea in my head and it's had time to fester or because of the success of Just Johanna at the Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Expo in Chicago. Or perhaps because I have always wanted to be a proprietress of a stamp store that the nagging in the back of my head started again. And, the idea has been buzzing around and around...

Friday, September 08, 2006

Shout out to Jessica!

I am so lucky. I have the most creative, crafty, talented designers around! Check out this uber cute sweatshirt that the fantasticasmagorically talented Jessica Ulery made for her oh-so lucky son using "Skully" as a base. I love that applique look and the modern look the stripes bring to the design.

Jessica tells me she took the stamp "and enlarged it on my copier 3 different times for the pattern. I used garage sale finds and hand sewed this sweatshirt for my son." Jessica, I bow down to your craftiness.


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