Saturday, March 31, 2007


For the last month or so, we've been chugging along and chugging along getting the Spring Designs out and the Summer Designs ready for our Design Team to play with. I've managed to go to Boston and work on a super secret project and even work on a new catalog! (really). And this weekend it has all come to a grinding halt.

Why? Taxes, of course. All those receipts and things that I've been packing away in those files need to be entered and all the little things that need to be figured away. So I am holed up in my little cave, destined not to see the light of day until the files are cleared. Then I'll crawl into bed and feel much better that it is done.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Still sleepy

Just flew back from a whirlwind trip to Boston this weekend. I did a MIT for American Art Stamp and worked their booth at a vendor show. I love these things 'cause not only do I get to see great new products, and get to meet some of TCP's very own fabulous customers up close and personal, but I get to meet the wonderful owners and designers of some companies that I have admired for years.

I met Kim from My Favorite Things, Judy and Rob from Judikins, the crew from Printworks, Tinkering Ink, and Stephanie from Kodomo. And had dinner with the former owners of Stamps Happen. Met so many people I forgot their names. And, of course, I forgot my camera.

We did a massive MIT frenzy on Saturday night and afterwards we noticed that it was snowing! Let me tell you the last time we had snow in San Francisco was in 1976. So to see real snow falling was a real treat. We rushed outside and made snow angels in front of the hotel. Good times.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Good Times

We just had the garage door repairman over the other day. After chatting with him a bit it was funny to find out that he was from "the neighborhood". He grew up a couple of blocks away and went to the public schools in the area. Though he was a bit older we reminisced a bit and talked about the houses in the area.

Our house was built by Henry Doelger. His houses all tended to look the same and were built right next to each other. And I mean right next to each other. I can hear anything louder than a door slam at my next door neighbor's house. The houses were built to accomodate the need for inexpensive homes before and after World War II for The City's growing middle class. The majority of the houses were called "Junior Fives". They had 2 bedrooms and one bath and room downstairs for a mother-in-law apartment. They were well-built, with details like crown molding and hardwood floors and fireplaces, with small lawns in front. And were perfect for remodeling and adding on to, which is what many of the carpenters, and plumbers who lived there did.

Doleger was a prolific builder, building as many as 71 homes at a time, finishing 2 a day. He planned the look of each block, placing different house variations here and there like an artist carefully crafting a masterpiece.

The houses on each block looked the same, but had slight differences. So if you lived here you thought in blocks. Your best friend's house was one block down, 3 blocks up. Your aunt's house was one block over. The corner store was 4 blocks up and 2 blocks over. And the directions all started with your own block. Because somehow that block didn't look like all the rest. It was different and special. It was your block.


The balmy, warm weather has left San Francisco. I was getting used to the constant sunshine. Even though I know it's because of Global Warming, I must guiltily admit I enjoyed it. Now the temperature is back in the 4o's I am feeling less guilty and preparing for my trip to Boston where the temperature is 36 degrees. 36 degrees? Do I even have a winter coat?

*An aside: I can't believe this! Is it rumor? Or is it true? Say it isn't so, Emma.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Somewhere along the way

WARNING: Sad musings below.

This week Anthony and I went to see Zodiac. Few people know that I love mysteries. Unfortunately, the mystery of the Zodiac killer is a true one. And because the killings happened so close to home, the killings changed us.

Growing up in the seventies in the Sunset District in San Francisco, my childhood was, I suppose, just like any other. We joyfully rode our bikes, had soapbox races on the hill in front of my house and sat on the street curbs chatting about which way to wear our hair or what we would say to that cute boy. I spent endless hours on the radio listener lines waiting to make a heart-felt song request to the top AM stations, KYA and KFRC.

We spent our days outdoors, laughing and giggling behind fanned fingers to hide our heavy metal braces. We walked everywhere. 10 blocks to the beach and ice skating rink. 3 blocks to the playground. 4 blocks to the 5 and dime. 10 blocks to Beach Chalet in Golden Gate Park to watch the boys play soccer in the swirling fog.

Then somewhere along the way it changed.

On our TV, the six o'clock news, a staple for dinnertime viewing, was now tuned to a game show, and then eventually turned off. There were whisperings of the "Zodiac Killer" and somehow I knew to be afraid. I wasn't allowed out after 4:00. And then sometimes not at all. The soapboxes no longer clunked their way down my street and slowly the bikes stopped coming around. The street curbs were empty.

I would hear my mother warning my license wielding sister not to do this and not to do that. And then it was my brother's and my turn to hear what to do and what not to do. We were taught to be wary of anyone and everyone.

Eventually, it got better, but it was never the same. We were never the same. Somewhere along the way we had lost a part of our youth and innocence. We could never have them back again.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Spring Forward

Daylight Savings Time is almost here and I've been diligently working on a new catalog! And, of course, the new Spring Stamps. They'll be up on the website tonight at Midnightish, but for those who can't wait, here is a sneak peek! OLÉ!

Cute cards by Toni Armstrong and Tracy Falco.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Take Ten

So I opened my advance copy* of Take Ten and what do I see on page 71? Why it's a card by Kim Van der Sanden featuring Poochie in his little "LURV" balloon in our slanted frame. Sooo, cute!

I just love this color combination too! Pink, gray and black. So chic. Congrats Kim.

*And why did I get an advance copy of Take Ten? Because I'm in it TOO! Wheee! Not for The Cat's Pajamas, though. Poop! Ah well, maybe next time.


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