Friday, October 01, 2010

Swanky Stamper of the Month

Jenny Petersen — Swanky Stamper for October

Take a look at this card and tell me, can you smile even harder? That's what I kept asking myself when I first saw this card. To really appreciate it. You must go to Jenny's Blog and check out all the fantabulous details.

Yes, that is sparkley tinsel around the apron. Yes, that is lace around the border. Yes, that is PJ, and he/she is purple. And YES, those are eyeballs floating around that bowl. Well, what else could you have floating around in "Eyeball Soup", I ask you? Jenny, you have found my weakness, Halloween and icky things like eyeball soup. And for that, you are Swanky Stamper of the Month.

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Anonymous said...

its good. really looks great. please keep posting such fabulous and smile bringing pics. Thanks


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