Saturday, January 01, 2011

And We Have A Winner!

Tammy Hershberger — Swanky Stamper for January

When I first saw this card I was blown away by Tammy's use of color. So festive and nontraditional, but so right. She uses the Mariachi Penguins from the Hola Tequila Clearly Swanky Set, and the Icing CutUps Die to work this magic.

Nontraditional image, nontraditional colors and a coloring job that is truly amazing makes this card, and Tammy, the Swanky Stamper of the Month.

But, Tammy wasn't the only one who blew my socks off this time.

Check out this card by Megan Lock! Love her use of color and texture and pattern. And this gal is no slouch when it comes to coloring, either. Just look how she colored up this cutie from our You Suit Me Set.

And then, there is this card by Chris Veneruso, who I luckily got to meet the last time I was in Florida. This is one classy penguin from our Make Merry Clearly Swanky Set on this card in sophisticated black and white and Kraft. And she uses our Icing CutUps Die, too. She really makes both sparkle.

And speaking of sparkle, check out this piece from Jan G. She used those penguins again. This time from the Candyland Christmas set. I love seeing the penguins getting ready to race down the hill with the snow falling all around, all sparkling and glistening.

Cindy Major's card using Big Bear and the Icing CutUps Die is truly spectacular. Love the paper piecing on the bears pads and muzzle. And I love the stitching she added on the felt piece behind the bear.

These are all so great, don't you think?


Lisa H. said...

it's got to be harder and harder to pick! these were some of my faves, too! Congrats to Tammy!!!

Chris said...

those Hola penguins are a hoot and Tammy did a fantastic job with them, I love how she used the icing, never thought of flipping it.
I'm honored to be shown with such fantastic stampers. Thanks.
Happy New Year.

Tammy Hershberger said...

I am highly honored, especially given the level of competition also showcased here and with the entries every week! Thank you SO MUCH, Alma! I look forward to spending my Cat's Cash soon! :)

Leigh OBrien said...

WOW! All of those cards are amazing. I'm sure it was a hard, hard decision this time!


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