Friday, February 11, 2011

TCP Tuesday 145

Jen really inspired me this week. Her collage of photos were awesome. I took one look at those aqua and brown....WHA? Aqua and Brown? For some reason, I thought it was BLUE and Brown, when I made up my design. And it wasn't until I read Lisa T's comment,

OOH!! I love aqua and brown together. Can't wait to check out the DT cards and then play along with this challenge!

that I realized that the colors were Aqua and Brown. It's a little embarrassing, but I love my project, so I'm going to go with it. But I think you can really see where I was inspired.

I decided to do something a little crafty this week. And channeling my inner Leigh, I actually sewed! (gasp) And not only did I sew, I sewed something that I can use when sewing. This cute flowerpot is a pincushion. And the flowers? PINS! Yup, that's right, pins.

I use the Icing CutUps to decorate the flowerpot. And the Flower Button CutUps and the Button CutUps to make my flowers.

I am so proud of this project, even though it is a little lopsided. Betz White, felting crafter extraordinare, designed this flowerpot project, so I can't show you how to make the flowerpot, But I can tell you how to make the flower pins.

I did three different types of pins. For some of the pins I stacked a button and felt flowers together and tied them together with Divine Twine. Then, I took a pin with a flat top and bent it.

Sorry for the slightly out of focus picture, but you get the idea. Then I glued it to the back of the flower and covered it with a green felt leaf.

For another type of flower, the one in the right front and right back, I used these buttons.

You know, the ones that you find in your button jar and exclaim "Why buttons with one hole? Who uses these? "

Well, my friend, for this project, you do. Just fish those buttons out. Stack your flowers together and run a pin through the button and the flowers and attach a leaf. Voila. Instant flower. I dabbed a bit of glue under the pinhead and between the flowers and leaf to make it stick better.

The third and smallest pin used the Button CutUps die, simply because I could. I used the largest button and clipped a slit to one of the buttonholes. Then I rolled it into a cone and glued it. Then I glued a leaf to cover the seam. A pin with a little bit of glue pierced the center of the flower to finish.

Pretty cool, no? Hope I inspired you!

Now go make something.


Leigh OBrien said...

OMG...I must research this further and make one myself. It's tremendously adorable...I have to have one!!!

Unknown said...

Alma this is amazing!!! I love the colors you used and the flowers came out so pretty!! Great take on the inspiration piece! :)

Sonja "Sony" Christoph said...

Eeeeeeeek what an ADORABLE project Alma...and practical on top of that!!!! SO clever of you!!!!

Suzanne :O ) said...

this is such a "WOW!" project and I love all the different kinds of flowers you created! and yeah, what IS the deal with those one-holed buttons!? that should be one of your next TCP Tuesday challenges! lol

Jana Weaver said...

Wow...this is gorgeous!! The different flowers are amazing, and the little pot is too cute!

Chris said...

I love it, you've made me jealous.

Vickie Z said...

WOW... this is wonderful!! I think you have lots of patience.. all those diffent flowers!!

Tammy Hershberger said...

This is absolutely darling, Alma! What a great use of all those fabulous Cut-Ups dies! I especially love the Icing around the pot!

Tracy said...

Sooooo stinkin' cute Alma!!

Melissa said...

Oh my Alma! I think this little flower pot is so cute and sweet. You know I have a "thing" about f**t and I just can't stop looking at this adorable little pot of flowers. You make me look at f**t in a whole new way!

mylittlepaperaddiction said...

Hi Alma, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I'm glad I've found yours now too because there are some super cute projects here.
This little felt flowerpot is adorable! I could see this being a great gift for a sewing friend. Now I'm feeling inspired to go stock up on some new colors of felt.....
Have a great day!

Kimberly Gajewski said...

What a FABULOUS flower pot you've created Alma! LOVE it! :D

Lisa H. said...

wow, oh, wow! this is amazing! looove that felt flower pot.


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