Friday, September 29, 2006

On pins and needles

It's been 2 days since Project Runway and I am STILL recovering. I was so nervous for Michael and Uli that I had to pour myself a stiff one.

In the end I was really impressed with Uli. I thought she was going home for sure. But, she pulled in out in the end and produced a really modern fun dress. AND did you check out all the hand beading that went into this dress? I was so impress by her dress that I put down my martini and gave her a standing ovation.

Michael, on the other hand gave me a fright when he got his creative block. We all get them and it was refreshing to see that someone as creative as Michael gets them too.

But, his outfit scared me. The design was overworked and a little sleazy. Even his model didn't seem to like it. And what was with the HAIR. During the judging I was so sad when I thought he was going home.

This latest installment really shows the creative hole you can dig yourself into when you have too much time. Sometimes, it's best just to sit down and do something, like Uli did, and work through the block. Ideas start to flow freely and things come to you that never would have while hunched over a sketchbook. And sometimes, like Uli, you come up with a winner.

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toners said...

Oooh Alma...not long till the next episode!! Do you have your beverage of choice ready???


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