Thursday, March 01, 2007

Take Ten

So I opened my advance copy* of Take Ten and what do I see on page 71? Why it's a card by Kim Van der Sanden featuring Poochie in his little "LURV" balloon in our slanted frame. Sooo, cute!

I just love this color combination too! Pink, gray and black. So chic. Congrats Kim.

*And why did I get an advance copy of Take Ten? Because I'm in it TOO! Wheee! Not for The Cat's Pajamas, though. Poop! Ah well, maybe next time.


jess said...

love the design and simplicity of this card! congrats to both of you!!

toners said...

Beautiful card :) Well done to you and Kim!!

Shauna said...

I was going to email you that I love your card! WTG!


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