Friday, May 25, 2007

Just Cards

Have y'all checked out the latest edition of Just Cards!? Our very own Toni has a whopping 11 cards with TCP designs in it. Sheesh.

And Kim over at My Favorite Things has 3!

I tell you, they just need to change the title of the magazine to "Just The Cat's Pajamas". Has a ring to it, dontcha know.

I hope everyone has a great long weekend. Me? I'll be filling orders and prepping for the release of the summer stamps. Watch this space for an update.


Karrie Baker said...

WOWZERS!! How cool is that?!?! Speaking of TCP, when are we going to get to see those new stamps Alma??? :) People are going crazy out here in Cyberspace (especially me). LOL


toners said...

Thanks Alma :) It is so exciting seeing all those TCP designs in there!! I hope you get lots of orders from it!

Kim said...

I'm thinking you're onto something!!!!


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