Thursday, September 27, 2007


Thank you for all your kind wishes and thoughts about Mocha. She still hasn't come home.
I keep thinking that it was a good thing that she had just had all of her shots, including rabies. And that the flea stuff I put on the back of her neck will be good for another 3 weeks. That maybe this soft, cuddly little girl, who had just that morning cuddled with me under the covers, was a little pissed off because I had just bought her a pirate costume to wear for Halloween.

I keep thinking that I should have let her in the last time I saw her, but I wanted her to enjoy the last fading days of summer.

Anthony, just thinks that she was a drifter, and it was time for her to move on. She had run away from a couple of people, a couple of times. Maybe it was time for her to be a cat again. Chasing birds and stalking mice, instead of settling for the occasional fat fly.

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karrie Baker said...

Now, now, don't give up hope so easily!! My little Hobbes went missing for a little over a week when I lived in Reno and he came home to the Mama, so just keep positive thoughts Alma!! Sending you kitty wishes for your little Mocha to come on home!! :)

P.S. Thank you soooo much for the birthday card, it is totally CUTE!! :)


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