Saturday, April 19, 2008

Waaahhh! Water!

So there I was happily filling the orders for It's a Mod, Mod World ....psst you have to get it, it's a classic when I hear what sounds like the spraying of water. "Hmm" I think "it must be our neighbor watering their lawn."

Then I realize it's coming from the bathroom next door. "Wonder what it could be?" Methinks as I lazily saunter over to open the door. And then I see the water. Lots of it. Spewing from underneath the sink from the hot water side. "I can turn it off, certainly?" But alas! The knob is what has broken off and there is no way to turn it off without scalding myself in the process. So now, I run quickly to the hot water heater and turn it off there.

A quick call to the plumber will bring him out...tomorrow. Ugh! Thought I'd share.
Anyhow. Thought I'd share something more better. Here is one of Tracy's cards featuring some of the stamps from It's A Mod, Mod World. I just love how she used a scalloped edge on one of the panels and rounded the corners on another. It works so well with the circle/star background.

IRL this card is a dazzler. So when I saw the photo of it, I had to step back. Is this not a wonderful picture? Look how the lighting is behind the card. So sexy. Makes the background look like a jewel...Okay. Back to scooping water.


toners said...

Oh Alma I hope your water woes are over soon!

Terrific card, Tracy!

mtfalco said...

Oy, sadly my gracious hostess must post a card b/c I'm too pitiful to just get my own blog already. sheesh. thanks for props alma. ;)

Angela (monkeymama) said...

Way cool card---I love the green starburst in the corner!!! I can't wait to get the new set---it's awesome!!! Angela P.S. Hope the plumber gets things taken care of!

Linda (LSN on SCS) said...

Hope your water woes are over quickly! At least you were home when it happened and you were able to think quickly! :-)

Super cute card! Pictures never do them the proper amount of justice do they. Can't wait to get my new clear set!



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