Friday, May 09, 2008

What a Slug I've been

Yes. A complete and utter slug as far as posting is concerned. Y'all are keeping me busy (thank you). I am running around filling orders left and right. We are still a little behind, but we are catching up.

So for those loyal blog readers, I'm sharing another wonderful card from Tracy Falco. She doesn't have a blog, so she kindly said I could post her cards on my blog. The rocket ship and the asterisks are from our new set "It's a Mod, Mod World" and the sentiment is actually on one line, but she stamped it on 2 lines so that it would fit nicely in the tag.

I just love the black and white and red colors in this card. Did you notice the clever use of shredded paper on the rocket ship? Love it!


toners said...

I love it! That color scheme is stunning!

Janean Campbell said...

Oh I so love this color scheme...Very appealing.

Linda (LSN on SCS) said...

She needs a blog so I can start stalkin her Cats Pajamas creations too! Love the shredded paper coming out of the rocket!


Sharon in NE said...

Tracy that is wonderful! Great job.

Speaking of stalking...(see Linda's comment)...I'm coming to San Francisco this Saturday to stalk you, Alma. Be sure and look for me.


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