Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kirsten Dubosque 3

Yee Haw! It's Special Guest Designer Wednesday. Sorry for the late post everyone. More on that at the end. Today , we are bringing to you another one of Kirsten Dubosque's special creations. It features one of our very special characters, Ronnie.

Check out Kirsten's wonderful job coloring in the scene, I especially love the shading of the cactus. Last week Kirsten told us that she tends to design using greens and blues. Here, she has added brown to the mix. All the colors are in the patterned paper that she chose. And even though her choice of paper isn't what you would usually think of for a cowboy scene, it brings a sophisticated contemporary feeling to the card. The addition of the button echoes the circular shapes in the paper.

I also like how she placed the two large images on different pieces of cardstock, instead of on the same one. It adds interest and draws attention to Ronnie. I can see this same layout as a scrapbook page with my own "Ronnie" in the circle. Just love it.

Check with in with us next week for the last of Kirsten's special designs.

NOTE: So why I'm late. My office has a full bath attached to it. It had been added to the house about 30 years ago. The other week, we noticed that water was coming out from the other side of the wall of the shower. We pulled the shelves away from the wall, and the sheetrock was swollen will water and had buckled badly.

So when the plumber cut away the wall, he told us that the water had soaked through the grout and overtime had erroded the concrete base under the shower and destroyed the backing that the tile was on.

So for the past couple of weeks, I endured the noise and the dust and moldy smells that have come from the bathroom. And last weekend I decided that I couldn't take it anymore. So I moved my computer upstairs, and kept my laptop in the office, connected to printers and the like.

Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi in the house doesn't get to the computer upstairs. So I've been loading up my flash drive with files and transporting them up and down from computer to laptop.

Today my flash drive died while transfering Kirsten's files. Luckily, my BRILLIANT sweetie, Anthony, suggested using my camera as a portable drive. Whhhhhaaaattt? I had never heard of such a thing. But, lo and behold, it works. He is a genius and boy am I lucky.

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Linda Beeson said...

What a completely adorable card! LOVE those images.


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