Tuesday, February 09, 2010

And the WINNER is...!!

We had so much fun going through all the names for this little Bear. We had nearly 500 entries. And there were soooo many good ones.

Ones I loved and made me laugh. Others made me nostalgic and some made me swoon. Others just made me say AWWWWW!

The winners of the contest just made me say "DUUUHH!" Sometimes something is so obvious it just smacks you in the face. That's how this one was. And there wasn't just one winner. There were seven.

All with the same smack me in the head name.

So we did a random number picker thingy. (His name is Anthony) and he picked seven.

So the lucky winner of all our new stamps for a year is Cindy Christoffel from Chicago, Illinois. Yay! Cindy!

And what of the six other winners? They all win our new Clearly Swanky Set. A Beary Good Year.

They are:

Mary Ashby
Julia Aston
Pegg Lin
Marsha Drain
Sonja Christoph

Congrats everyone!


Sonja said...

AAAHHHHHHH (that's me jumping up and down) thank you so so much!!! too bad Anthony didn't pick my number but I'm soo excited anyway to be getting this adorable set!!! Thank you again!!!

Leigh OBrien said...

P.J. is just purrrrfectly named now...I feel complete...hee hee!

Cindy said...

oh my gosh!!! I can't believe I won!!
How cool is that!!!

Cindy in Chicago

carole (TruCarMa) said...

Yep, I have to admit: PJ is the spot-on name for that cute little guy! *Mad I didn't think of it first!* :) Congrats, Cindy!

love2stamp said...

P.J. is the perfect name! Now why didn't I think of that?!! LOL!

Congratulations to all the winners!

Love the new A Beary Good Year set - it's on my wish list : )

Mary Ashby said...

Ack! SO CLOSE to TCP for a year! Grumble, grumble random number thingy... ;)

CONGRATULATIONS to that lucky Cindy (great minds think alike!), and welcome P.J.!! And THANKS for the consolation prize!!!!! How fun!

Kim Nath said...

Duh is right that is a perfect name!

Julia Aston said...

Thanks so much for the free stamp set! can't wait to get it! and how fun that I helped name him!!

Cindy Major said...

What a perfect name!! I love it!! :D (And I love the new set, too! Will have to get that one...)

Congrats to the winners!

Carol said...

Oh yeah, P.J. is such a perfect name for this cutie! Great job! and congrats to all the winners! AWESOME set!

toners said...

CONGRATS to Cindy - and a huge thank you to everyone who suggested P.J. - it is perfect!

Tammy Nichols said...

Hellooooo Alma! I was going to email you but my email default isn't set up on my new puter! Thanks for the comment, I have been missing talking to you! I posted today and have more for tomorrow, email me so I can put your address in my new address book. I love stopping by to see what is going on! Hope all is well in Cali!

willson said...

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