Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Divine!

And it's Twine!

I first saw these spools of Twine months ago and fell in love with the colors. Black Licorice, Aqua, Green Apple, Cherry, Cotton Candy, Orange, Lemon and Oyster.

I knew I had to have every color.

4 ply, 100% cotton, bio degradable and made in the US. This twine is as yummy as the colors.

So yummy that Martha Stewart featured it in her June 2010 Living Magazine.

We know you'll find a dozen uses for it, and at $15 for a spool of 240 yds, you'll have lots. Check them out here.


Longvacation said...

Wow, those really do look yummy. I love all of those colors. I don't think I would ever be able to use 240 yards, let alone 240x8, but maybe someone will sell them in a smaller size someday. Thanks for sharing and contributing to my ever growing wish list! :)

Chris said...

it reminds of the twine they used at the bakery when I was a kid.

Chris said...

yeah! I got my three buddies to go in on them so I could have more than one color. I'm so excited. I hope I don't get carpul tunnel unwinding and winding all that thread.

Alice said...

I have a small sample of this came wrapped around one of my TCP orders! I thought it was neat then, and I still think it is neat. I may have to check it out when I am able to craft again.

Julie Masse said...

Oh my Alma I want them ALL!!! So pretty!! Hmm, 240 yards - sounds like a swap is in order!:)


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