Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sneaky Peek #4

Here's a little peek at the fourth set in our Sneaky Peek lineup. Toni's Tea Set. This set was such a joy to do, and a long time in the making. Toni Armstrong has been a member of The Cat Pack since almost the beginning. And for years she's been asking for a tea set.
I wasn't really into tea until last year when my sister got married. So I gave her a tea party. And I designed the tea cup for her invitations. But it wasn't until Toni mentioned tea again, (And my BSF, Kim, saying "For GAWDSAKES give her a tea set!) that this tea set finally came together.

So this one is for Toni. I raise my teacup to her.

Check out what she, Sony and Amy have done with the set, and don't forget to leave a comment on their blog.


Linda said...'s another one I'll have to buy! Love it!

Linda (LSN on SCS) said...

Is it time for the pajama party yet? This feels like the longest preview ever!


Chris said...

OMG, I love those penguins floating around in the tea cup blinkie. those guys have the most fun.

Sandra said...

how fun!

Smiles, Laurie said...

I am so lovin' what I'm seeing with the tea set!!!! a real wonderful bunch of stamps...can't wait to see it all!


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