Monday, December 05, 2011

Congrats, Jen!

Kudos go to our very own Jen del Muro!

"Why?" You ask? Well I'm glad you did! Pick up the December/January issue of Stamper's Sampler and on the left side of the cover, what do you see? Yup! That's right, "Guest Artist, Jen del Muro"

And if that weren't special enough, open the magazine and you get 6 full, delicious pages of Jen. Jen and Jen's work, that is.

Now we know that six pages isn't a lot when it comes to Jen's work, 'cause I always want to see more, but, what's really awesome is the Q & A at the end of the article. It's where we really get to know a little bit more about Jen. Like what she does to start the creative process. Or when she finds time to stamp. Or who she most would want to meet in person. And I'm not going to spoil it. Go out and pick up a copy. Jen is worth every penny of it.


Vickie Z said...

Dang... that's exciting!! Definitely deserved.. Jen does fabulous work and as far as I'm concerned.... sounds like the whole mag is hers!!

Jenny said...

Congrats Jen! What an honour! Can't wait to go out and buy that mag..hope we get it here in CAnada:)


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