Thursday, August 03, 2006

Design Day 1

With just a couple of orders to fill and a quick trip to the Post Office my "work day" should be over by 12:00. Then I can buckle down and work on finishing up the last remaining designs for the fall. I try to block out large sections of time so that when I design I don't have to worry about the time, or having to make countless phone calls and such. To my little brain, working this way also allows a free-flowing way of designing which makes the creative process more enjoyable and productive. Blah! Blah! Blah...

I'm shooting for to be finished by Friday so I can send the plates out early next week and then later to be pressed.

By the way, Mocha seems to be settling quite nicely and was even playing a game of tag with Anthony this week. Tag! Who'd a thought?

1 comment:

justjohanna said...

there's more plates coming for fall?????? oh, my aching wallet! :)


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