Monday, August 07, 2006

Nothing doin' or doin' nothing

As you will notice in the section marked "So much to do" on the right STILL has "Finish designs for Fall collections and send to engravers.." Proudly displayed and not crossed out.

I had planned on finishing the last of the designs for fall done before today but the weather didn't cooperate. The weather was so unbelievably good that I just couldn't concentrate. It was hot enough to wear a light skirt and the breeze from the ocean kept it cool enough so that you didn't break a sweat.


I kept telling myself, "After this walk I'll work on the designs", "after I finish wriggling my toes in the grass...." "after this nap...." Well, of course I only finished about half the designs. Good news, though. I only have about 4 to go.

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