Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Button. Button. Who's got the button?

I recently received a wonderful bag of goodies from Jessica. In it was a lovely bunch of vintage buttons. And because I love to collect buttons, (sometimes laying them out side by side to look at the patterns and colors in each button, sometimes just letting them run through my fingers....ahem...enough of that for now)

I decided to add them to my stash. And low and behold, I found that my stash was taking over. There were buttons everywhere. And there was no space where my lovely new buttons (from the oh so generous Jessica) could lay their tired little heads. I knew some drastic measures had to be taken. I had to use them.

For awhile now I have been coveting these. However, because my hair is woefully fine and thin I knew they were not to be mine. And being a crafty girl with an overflowing button stash I decided to make pins instead of hairpins. Brooches, if you will.

So out came the iron and felt and fusible web and the Sizzix machine (to cut all the circles, dontcha know). It was soothing, at first, matching the brightly colored circles of felt and thread and buttons. And then it became obessive.

At the end of a day of crafting, and sewing I was, pleased. At the end of the day I had somehow made, 24 pins. And now many of my lovely buttons have showy new homes. (Jessica's I still want to hoard for awhile).

I am at peace.


jess said...

these are absolutely adorable!!! i need to do this myself, but i sold my sizzix machine. hmmmm... maybe my hole punch? LOVE THEM!

justjohanna said...

heeeeey... that's a great idea. i have a bazillion buttons too... and a sizzix... and felt... yippee - I could make those! but i have to figure out how to incorporate stamping somehow... hmmmm


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