Thursday, October 12, 2006

Project Runway Pt. 1

Last night I scurried home after my watercolor class with time enough for me to pour a glass of wine and settle in for the 1st part of the finale of Project Runway.

I was prepared for some cozy get-to-know-you time with the designers, but I wasn't prepared for the hair pulling rollercoaster ride called the second half hour.

Always full of surprises, Laura accusing Jeffery of cheating was something I had expected since I hate surprises and have read about the controversy online. But I didn't expect the furrowed brow and tsk tsking of Tim Gunn when he looked at Michael's collection. I do have to say that my brow was furrowed too, when I saw the sequins he wanted to use on his collection.

I keep telling myself that hoochie can sell. Think Baby Phat. Think Jennifer Lopez. You just never know. But my brow is still furrowed.

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justjohanna said...

i'm not too sure what to expect this season. i kinda liked laura's green popsicle and was sad she gave in to tim. but it was definitely more me than her. hehe.


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