Monday, January 01, 2007

Are you feeling the Love, yet?

It must be love!

The new Love stamps are up on the website, all bright and shiny, and looking for love. There's something for everyone.

I've always found doing Valentine stamps really hard to do. This time the ideas just kept coming. (Maybe it's because my sweetie and I are celebrating our tenth year together.)

And, you got a little taste of some of the cute cards that our talented designers did in a previous post, but I've posted 16 new card designs in the gallery that will wow you. I must say, these ladies outdid themselves this time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alma, Just had a look at your new love-line WOW!!! Just love the stamps and the cards made with them. Got to buy myself the angel stamp to math the little devil! Love the frogs too! Yep, you realy pulled it off...again. Thanks for all the inspiration!

justjohanna said...

i saw the frogs in a store earlier this week. soooooooo cute!!!


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