Monday, January 22, 2007

Super Delicious Goodness

After reading Buzzville's account of her trip up to the SF Bay Area I had to make my way over to Daiso.

I want to say that it is in the same place that the old Farrell's but I would be lying. The old Farrell's building is long gone and so is my memory of where it stood. It was a crazy place where we would go after bowling, team championships and the Prom. Their menu had items like the "Zoo" (filled with a multitute of plastic animal toys), the "Volcano" and the "Pig's Trough."

The order of certain menu items would bring the staff hurtling through the restaurant with the item on a fringed "stretcher" with bells and whistles 'ablowin'. And did I mention the sirens? There were sirens , too!Then Farrell's was gone and another piece of my past disappeared with it. Happily, Farrell's is BACK. Making a triumphant return in Santa Clarita. I may just have to go the 316 miles and 5 hour drive to taste my favorite "Gibson Girl" sundae once again. It will be worth it, I know.

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Tracy said...

Ahhhh....I remember Farrells. I grew up in SoCal. Many moons ago. MMMMMMMMMMM DEElish!

350 miles is alot less than I would have to travel. I think I'd have about 800. (sigh).

GO! And come back to tell us all about it!


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