Saturday, February 03, 2007

We're Backkkkk!

We're back from the wild craziness that can only be called CHA. What a BLAST. I got to meet up with old friends and finally meet some new ones. Just part of the CPJ design team got together at Alcatraz Brewing Company (Missing you, Jessica) to chat and chat. And when we were done, we chatted some more. That's Toni, me, our friend Shauna, Traci and Janis.

I got to see many crafty celebs while I worked the American Art Stamp booth. Way too many to mention, though I finally got to meet up with Julie Ebersole and her gang. I've been a reader of her blog for many a month. I also got to meet many of my new clients. It's such a treat to finally put name to face.

The best part of CHA, besides the MITs, samples, meeting up with friends, doing the classes, is walking the show and seeing what is new in the world. Wow. So many great things.

The worst part of CHA is that after it is all over, I sleep. A lot. I nodded in and out during the 7 hour drive back. (When I wasn't driving) I got home and slept. Woke up and slept. Slept and slept. Still haven't recovered yet.

Whew! Even this is tiring......lids dropping.......zzzzzzzzzzzz.


jess said...

awww, looks and sounds like sooooo much fun!! wish i could have been there. i'm sure you guys had a blast! rest up, you've got a big show coming up!!

tapmouse said...

HEY--I KNOW that gal (Shauna)!!!! What a weird twist of events! Alma, you got the majority of my Convention money (and since I am not in any way stamping like I used to, it was quite surprising-er, shocking-how much money I spent and how many adorable stamps I could NOT pass up at your booth)!
So I decide to come check out your site, then the blog, then I see Shauna who I haven't been in touch with in (shamefully) probably over two years! Who would have thought The Cat's Pajamas would have such meaning to me these past few days?



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