Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Fourth!

Gayle Smith did this wonderful card featuring some of our Summer Designs. I thought it was perfect to share for the 4th of July Holiday. What is a 4th of July without Barbecue?

This card just cracks me up! I love that she stamped out the Chef's hat and added it to the Dancing mustard container. She used Sakura Stardust Pens for that extra shimmer that you see on the buns.

When I was designing the Dancing Food I must have redrawn the design 20-30 times. I couldn't decide what type of food to use, which should be boys or girls, what type of expressions they should have. So many decisions. Originally the mustard girl was an onion. Cute, but it just didn't work in the design. I kept the image though. She may come up again in another collection.


Sharon in NE said...

I can't imagine anything other than what they are now. So perfect, as always. Keep 'em coming. I can't get my TCP fix fast enough.

toners said...

What a great card! I have had lots of comments on the Dancing Food stamps :)


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