Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Like Butter

In my lifetime I have gone through many a paper cutter.

First, and oldtime wood guillotine that shifted the paper I was cutting, so I would never get a square cut.

Then a flurry of paper cutters, some rotary, some trimmers. A few Fiskars were tried. Then a bright green Cutterpede. All had me running back to my old Exacto and ruler.

My current favorite is the Dahl Vantage Trimmer. A guillotine, yes. But not just any old guillotine. An updated fancy schmancy one that can actually cut a square cut.

What is your favorite, and why do you like it?


Sharon in NE said...

sigh...I had resigned myself to my old exacto and ruler, but I like the link you provided to Dahl. Thanks!

jenni said...

I would love that Dahl! Right now, I'm using the Carl RT-200, a rotary cutter. It's pretty good, but not perfect. And I can't cut 12x12 papers on it--have to use ruler and knife to trim down those papers to a size fitting the Carl--makes a guillotine cutter much more desireable. But since I'm usually trimming 8.5x11" cardstock or those smaller 6x6 squares, the Carl is working much better than my old Fiskars.

toners said...

I also have the Carl trimmer - the 15" one, and it works really well. I do have my name on the waiting list for a Genesis trimmer, though!

Kim said...

I am in love with my Dahle 440!!! Nice, clean cuts...ooh it makes me smile!

Karrie Baker said...

I am using the Making Memories precision trimmer right now. It sharpens itself with each use and so far no funky cuts, YEAH!!


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