Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Sometime during "Heros", I stretched out and realized that the new Winter release was in the most capable hands of someone else.

After a month or so of research, drawing, procrastination, fiddling with and more fiddling with, I finally sent the artwork for the new release to the clear stamp manufacturer and the engraver.

During that month my life virtually grinds to a halt. Bills are left to the last minute, the house cleaning gets left by the wasteside. Email? What is that?

I walk around thinking about nothing but what I am going to draw. Then feverishly looking for something to scrawl on and with, when I do. The most common word to come out of my mouth is, "Huh".

And now it is over and a deep calm comes over me. Until I see those bills, and that email and that house. Ugh. That house.

Such is my life.


toners said...

Great post :) Can't wait to see those new sets!

Katie said...

Thank you for all of your hardwork, Alma! Us TCP lovers are sure glad you let that housework and email slide for a while! :)

Sharon in NE said...

So do you think my kids would know who "Alma" was if all you did was clean your house? Of course not, it's because you're the creator of Sprinkles, Poochie, and all those little (unmounted)rubber and acrylic characters that I would rather spend time with than clean MY house. :O)

karrie Baker said...

Hey, I will come clean your house for some new stamps!!! LOLOL So excited about the new release, can't wait to get started, WOOHOO!!!


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