Sunday, November 11, 2007

Whaz upppp?

One of the things I love about Mocha is that she reminds me so much of my dearly departed ferret, Punky.

Punky was such a curious little boy, that each time he came home from being out, he would check the entire house for anything that was out of place. Mocha is the same way. Though she can be a bit neurotic. Here she is coming out of the dryer. Mind you, this is one of those dryers that is on top of the washer.

Okay. Stamping news.

I have updated the gallery at The Cat's Pajamas with some absolutely BRILLIANT (yes, I said BRILLIANT) work by some of our Design Team.
And if you haven't see the Project of the Month, featuring the awesome Give Thanks Crackled card by our own Toni Armstrong, you must get yourself over there. Now shoo!


karrie baker said...

Gallery looks great Alma!! :)

Your little Mocha, is beautiful! I love that picture, just cracks me up!

Kim said...

Mocha is just beautiful! We saw the cutest ferret yesterday and thought of you! I will go check out the swankiest gallery around!

toners said...

What a fun photo!! LOL! And the gallery looks GREAT!

Sharon in NE said...

She is beautiful!

My black cat has given up on trying to keep up with the daily changes around here. Alas, no order in this on going construction/chaos.

Love the new project and updated gallery!!!

(AND love the upcoming sale!)


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