Saturday, January 05, 2008


When I told you about the candy that had sacrificed themselves in the name of art, namely the Project of the Month, I wasn't kidding. I found 4 different types of heart lollipops and countless types of candies that could work as "soil". Silver and white Jordan Almonds, white chocolate covered raisins, red hots, sweethearts, jelly beans. Even gummi worms. Instead I went for the Hugs and Kisses. They had at least 4 types in varying colors.

I even thought of using cupcakes instead of favor buckets, icing them with white frosting with green sprinkles. Even baking them directly in a flowerpot like Martha!

So here are a couple of renditions of the Project.

The single one sits on Anthony's desk, where I am always refilling the "soil".

This one was the one that I had stuck in my head for the longest time. It uses a small flower pot I got at the craft store. I painted it and used the Medium Heart Circle stamped with Brilliance Pearlescent Coral. The rim is not straight up and down, so I clipped the strip of paper so that it fit nicely.

I've gotten so many people asking when the new releases will happen. And the answer is: I'm not telling, yet!

Soon though. Soon.

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Cat said...

These are sooooo cute! And I saw a sneak peek on Toni's blog . . .Poochie is adorable!


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