Monday, November 10, 2008

Holey Moley Monday

It's Monday and we are on the road, coming back from the last convention of the year, Carson.

It was a really great convention;i t was a return to my "roots". Stamping roots, that is. Carson was the site of my first convention and where I learn so many techniques and spent so much money. This was pre-Cat's Pajamas, of course. When I started TCP I always hoped to come to Carson as a vendor. So this was my dream come true.

We had a prime spot right outside in the courtyard before you walked in the doors to the big room. It was a hot day and I really enjoyed the sunny weather. The next day, the courtyard turned into a wind tunnel and Gayle, who demoed for me wrapped herself up in a blanket, shawl, and two jackets.

We walked in the center before the show and found that our Christmas trees, decked with wonderful ornaments had crashed to the ground and product and display boards where everywhere. We retrieved everything, and only lost 1 glass ornament that I had made.

It was a great show, but we are on the road without email for 10 hours, so I'll be posting the wonderful TCP Tuesday cards when I get home later tonight! And filling orders, of course. Have a great Monday.


Tammy N. said...

Alma, I am glad you had a good time and got to experience your dream come true. You are truly awesome and you deserve success!

Tracy said...

Wow Alma, sounds like a blast (except the wind). I'm in awe how you made your dream a reality. Thank you for bringing Sprinkle and the gang to all of us TCP addicts!

Hugs to you girl!


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