Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kathie Bailey

Our very Special Guest Designer is Kathie Bailey.

Hope you all enjoyed meeting her last week and seeing the great cards she did. I know I did.

I think that you can tell a lot about a person from the type of art they produce. You saw several really wonderful cards last week that I think really say who Kathie is. Here are a couple more wonderful cards.

This is such a wonderful card using non-traditional holiday colors. I love the crinkly effect the gold paper has. It just adds that wonderful texture. Add the satin ribbon and the blingy ribbon and the card screams richness.

Here is a closeup of the reindeer. By adding the rhinestones, Kathie really shows her sense of humor.

Finally, this wonderful birthday card! Luvs it! This is a complicated card. I love how Kathie makes it look simple by repeating the circle motif. This controls the complexity of the patterns and all the elements used. Pretty masterful, no?

Now that we've seen more of Kathie's work, let's hear more about Kathie.

What was the first stamp you bought, and what was your last?
The first stamp I purchased was a floral heart from Magenta. I used it to make a 54th wedding anniversary card for my mom and dad. My most recent purchase was a sentiment stamp from Penny Black called "Good Wishes".

What is your favorite color combo?
That's a great question! I went back through my SCS gallery to see what colors I use the most. I would have to say that right now, I am definitely into fall colors ... so deep oranges, rusts and greens make up my current favorite. Ask me next week and I'll probably have a different answer!

What has been your happiest moment?
It's a three-way tie between the birth of my children, marrying my incredible husband and the birth of my grandson!

Besides stamping, what is your next passion?
I have two other passions that actually go hand in hand. I am crazy about history (take that to mean all things historical) and genealogy. While my friends' dream vacations include sandy beaches, sun and tropical breezes, my ideal vacation would be trekking through a cemetery or visiting the county courthouse in a city where my ancestors lived to glean more information about my family's history.

I've hope you've enjoyed hearing about Kathie as much as I've enjoyed having her as a Special Guest Designer.

15 comments: said...

Stunningly beautiful cards!

krcrafts said...

Love your cards-- the penguins are especially adorable! You did a fantastic job as guest designer!

Julie said...

Love the elegant peace card, and those penguins are adorable, they just make me smile. :) Great job!

redstampinsam said...

Great cards. I love the way your Christmas colors are a bit non-traditional. I haven't stepped out of the red-green box yet but you've inspired me.

Sandra Smart said...

The cards are just beautiful! Nice job!

StampinCathy said...

Fabulous cards and so insiring.

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Kathie, I love all your projects! They are so adorable.

Marisa said...

Very cool! The cards are all great!

Jacqueline said...


scrappinfox said...

Beautiful cards. The little necklaces on the reindeer are so cute - just love that whimsical touch!

Michelle said...

Beautiful cards.

FibreJunky said...

OMG, penguins!!!! Love the cards!

Tracy B. said...

Love your talent. Thanks for sharing!

JOAN said...

OMG!! Those penguins are super cute. You did an awesome job with the card.

JeanFB said...

Love the cards, Kathie! Great coloring on those penguins.... mine always seem to need a little something - now I know what to do!


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