Friday, August 21, 2009

And so it begins...

Project Runway, that is. Last night was the first night it was on on its new station, Lifetime.

The folks at Lifetime must have known we were jonesing all year for a new PR and they delivered in spades. First an All-Star PR featuring a winner and runner ups from previous PRs. And then, finally PR. It was wonderful. I just sat back and enjoyed. Then there was a show about the models of PR. It was a little past my bedtime and I was crashing hard from all PR hype and fulfillment so I didn't get to see it. I'll catch it next week.

Not to be forgotten, the first episode of Top Chef. AND the Rachel Zoe Project is coming back on Monday. It really is just too much for my little Reality TV loving heart to take.

So, in celebration, a blinkie. Yup, that is right. Finally, a blinkie for all the fans of The Cat's Pajamas who have been asking. Enjoy.

Just save the .gif to your desktop and add it to your blog. Since it is an animated .gif you may have to check into the "how to's" of you blog. Or, just copy and paste the code in the sidebar.


Carol said...

Sounds like a FUN filled night, Alma! Thanks for the blinkie, Sprinkles is too cute for words, i added her right in!

Tracy said...

Right there with ya Alma. I was SOOOOO excited to watch PR last night. Thanks for the AWESOME blinkie. I just put it up on my blog. ***GRIN***

Raquel said...

How do you make the blinkie work? I tried saving it and posting it on my blog but it doesn't "blink". Is there an html code somewhere that Im not aware of??

Katie said...

Okay, I loved all the PR stuff but could NOT believe Daniel won the All-star challenge! His stuff was soooo ugly! Normally I'm right on with the judges but not this time. I thought Korto or Ulee (sp?) should have won. :)

Who was your fave on PR? So far, I like Logan and Irina (I think that's her name.)

Amy said...

You KNOW how much we all love blinky Sprinkle, don't you?! Ü


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