Thursday, December 10, 2009

Button Wreath

I'm hard at work, filling orders and making Christmas cards, so I thought I'd give you something to look at. I've been seeing a lot of versions of these button wreaths, so I whipped up a couple to show you what you can do with our Vintage Holiday Buttons, some glue, ribbon, and a coaster.

I start out by carefully drawing a circle in the center of one of my round coasters. Lots of "research" was done in my neighborhood to find just the right shape coaster.

Then I cut the circle out with a craft knife and colored the coaster with the color of the darkest button. Don't forget to color the edges of the coaster. I used a heavy tacky glue that dries clear and ran a bead of it around the center, by the hole. Then I placed buttons in the glue, taking care to cover the edge of the hole.

Fill in with the rest of the buttons.

There may be gaps, but not to worry, you can cover the biggest, most annoying gaps with a top layer of buttons. Don't forget around the edges, too! When in doubt, add more buttons.

Here is the finished project. I looped a ribbon around the wreath and tied off a button with silver thread. This wreath is so much cuter in person. The glue dried after the sun set, so I wasn't able to get a great picture, but you get the idea.

Here is a cream and cranberry one. It was the first one I did. A little shabby chic. I used a felt word and added rhinestones. I just love these wreaths, and they are so easy to make. So festive, no?


Alice said...

Super neat project!

Research, eh? *snork*

Chris said...

love your button wreaths. My daughter and I love buttons but mt hubbie can't stand them if they aren't attached to clothes. These could send him into cardiac arrest!

Joanne B. said...

Alma! I totally love this! OMG, I need WAY more buttons!!!

Leigh OBrien said...

How fun, Alma! Glad to see you're crafting out there...unfortunately, the doggie is limiting my "ME" time...darn doggie!

Jenn Balcer said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! LOVE, Alma!

Lori Craig said...

Consider this CASEd... Love it!

Amy Rohl said...

These are just the cutest thangs, Alma! I sure wish I could've helped you research those coaster shapes, darn.


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