Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Swanky Stamper of the Month

Jenny GroppSwanky Stamper for December

I don't know about you, but this card makes me want to pull out my Best of Christmas Cocktails, and swivel my hips a bit. But, I'll control myself for now to tell you how much this card makes me smile.

This card is surprisingly simple, if you just look at the layout. What makes this card special is all the added "stuff" that in Jenny's hands just makes this card a standout. From her stitched detail around the edges, to the "sugar" around the rim of the glass to the way she used the Nestablities die as a mask, and outliner and cutting tool. (Did I mention this is a Matchbook card?)

Add, paper piecing, rhinestones, doodling, airbrushing, this card has technique all over the place. But, most importantly, it looks as if Jenny had fun making this card. And it is the reason Jenny Gropp is the Swanky Stamper of the Month.


Jenny Gropp said...

Thank you, Alma! What a swanky suprise this was! You nailed it when you said I had fun making this card. TCP images always bring a smile to my face! Always!

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to pull out the shaker and make a cosmo! GREAT card Jenny. MLN


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