Monday, May 24, 2010

Our little girl is growing up so fast.

Our little Joanne is turning 500. 500 thousand, that is. That's right. The counter on Joanne's Blog, "...just a little something..." will be turning 500,000. Soon.

And she's celebrating! And giving away stuff. And not just any stuff. Gift Certificates from The Cat's Pajamas AND My Favorite Things. But she's not just giving it away without a challenge! No! Not our little Joanne. She's making you work for it.

She's doing a "Sketch Plus Three" Challenge. You have until 9:30 AM EST on May 31st to enter. Check her out. I'm so proud. **sniff, sniff**

1 comment:

Joanne B. said...

Alma, love you to pieces. That is the cutest blog post ever. MWAH!


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