Monday, May 10, 2010

You Sick Thing Challenge

I was so happy that for the current TCP Tuesday Stamp Challenge Susan chose the "You Sick Thing" Clear set. This is a set that can be used again and again. I thought that it was also a great challenge to use The Project of the Month". One side features this cough syrup.

And the other side this cup and saucer with a soup packet.

So the first thing I did was search for a mug for soup packet and I was lucky enough to find a snack set at my local Japanese store. I made a couple of changes to the pattern of the Project of the Month to accommodate their size.

I used RubOnz to create a rub on decal for the cup and saucer. I used my Marvy Markers to color the stamp and "huffed" it to transfer the ink to the matte side of the transfer sheet.

Since everything transfers backwards, I made sure not to ink up the words. Instead, I stamped a piece of tracing paper with the word and turned over the paper and traced the backwards "Soup" on the transfer paper with a black marker. Then I colored it up. If you use markers, you can't really get good blending. But you can with colored pencil, so I did pencil for most of the coloring, even the red checks and stripes.

Then I followed the directions for making the rubon. It's pretty easy. But make sure not to touch the sticky part of the transfer. It might transfer to your fingers. Don't ask me how I know.

Then I gave them 4 thin coats of Envirotec. It makes the rubons hand washable.

I topped the container with some rolled flowers. They take the place of real flowers that I would normally bring to my sick friend. And used my markers to color the striped ribbon. I love doing this. It can really change the look of a ribbon.

I also used my new dies from My Favorite Things to cut the clouds on the cough syrup side from felt and the big scallops on the topper.

PS. For those who have asked. My nail polish is called Funky Chunky and it has little black disks in it. It looks like snakeskin when it goes on. Make sure you forgo the top coat.


Leigh OBrien said...

YOU are so funny and I'm diggin' the black nailpolish. Had some black on my toes til last weekend. Might have to put it back on. It gives me that edge, huh? NOT! Does yours have sparlies in it, Alma?

BTW, my word verification word for this comment is "fationse". I think it's either French for "fashion sense" or it's talkin' about "fat ions"...ha ha ha ha ha

Leigh OBrien said...

Um...SPARKLIES, I meant!

And the word verification for this one is "provortr". That means someone who is "for" voting...they're a provortr. ha ha ha

Carol said...

This looks AMAZING, Alma! Looks so good, makes you feel good! :) (love the black nail polish too! rock on!) Really like how you used the rubon transfer, NICE!

Chris said...

the cup and dish look great. I love that chicken in the bowl. I love this set, almost makes being sick a fun thing.


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