Friday, April 27, 2007

Home again

Are you still there?

Sorry I didn't post that I was going on vacation for 2 weeks, but I didn't realize I didn't until we were on the road in the middle of the desert.

Anthony and I decided to take advantage of the slowest month of the year (otherwise known as tax month) and celebrate 10 years of being together and go to Vegas. NO! WE DID NOT GET MARRIED! Sheeesh!

After we got back, I had one day of rest before the Joan Mills show in lovely Sacramento. I was incognito again working with Robert from American Art Stamp. I got to see many of TCP's clients and even got visit at The Paper Garden Boutique. Still the cutest store I've seen in a long while. And yes, I have pictures this time. I'll share them with you soon.

Once back in windy San Francisco, I was treated to a wonderful day of sun that was soon eclipsed by several terrible allergy filled days. I'm hoping to clear up before TCP officially reopens on Monday. Taaa!

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toners said...

Hi Alma, glad to hear you had a good break :) Allergies are awful! Allegra is a wonderful thing....


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