Sunday, April 29, 2007

Paper Garen Boutique

I have said many times that The Paper Garden Boutique in Sacramento is the cutest store around. Painted in fresh spring green and white it has murals and inspirational sayings on the walls and fun paper flowers *growing* from the ceilings.

During my vacation I had to visit The Paper Garden Boutique again.

This time around I actually remembered to bring my camera and use it.
Luckily for me, I also brought my credit card, 'cause there was lots to buy.

Stephanie, the proprietress, has the most exquisite taste and a great eye for stamps. Of course, she carries TCP! (She is also a fellow SJSU alum. Go Spartans!)

The Paper Garden Boutique specializes in stamps and gift ware. Not only does she carry the full line of my absolute favorite paper, but her selection of unique, original handmade gifts is delightful. She chooses from many artists I have not seen before.

Check out the mod colored sock monkey. FABULOUS! (yes, I still buy other peoples' stamps. I'm a stamper first, dotcha know.)

From San Francisco, if I don't get lost, it takes and hour and a half to get there. But once I do it is well worth it. It is a comfortable place to hang out and chat and shop and just be.

Did I mention they give classes? I may just have to make my way out there soon to take one.

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Kim said...

I wanna go! What a fun store! AND they carry TCP? What could be better!


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