Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Swanky Stamper

Jenny Gropp — Swanky Stamper for October

This Multi -Sprinkle card just blew me away. It reminds me a lot of the Brady Bunch. I love the black, red and blue combo Jenny used and the ribbon treatment. She reminds me that there can never be enough Sprinkle on one card. Great job.

Jenny reigns for the month of October as The Swanky Stamper of the Month. AND she gets $25 in Cat's Cash to boot! Will you be the next Swanky Stamper? You can only win if you play.


Joanne B. said...

This is adorable! I just love it!
I'm determined to do the sketch challenge this week!!!

Sharon in NE said...

Well deserved!! That was one of my all time favorites! Great job Jenny!!

Sharon in NE said...

ugh!!! I thought I removed that pic! My "lovely pair" was a pic my kids added to my profile w/o telling me. I think I have it removed this time...

Tracy said...

Woo-hoo!! Congratulations Jenny. This card was FANTASTIC!!! Great job!


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