Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tea for 16

Sorry, I'm still away on vacation, but I thought I'd leave you with some non-stamping eye candy.

My sister got married last month. And slug that I am, did not manage to give her a shower before she tied the knot. So instead, I thought that it would be wonderful to have a tea in her honor, after so that we could chat about the wedding and her honeymoon and flip through her wedding book.

I wanted it to be a garden affair, so, of course, I had to make up a ton of Ana's Pinwheels, sans stamping (EGADS!). I downloaded the pattern and followed the instructions and made about 2 dozen. I used a button as the center and used a chopstick that I found at a discount store instead of the skewer. I finished them off with long ribbons to blow in the wind.

They were the main favor, along with a wonderfully decorated cookie from the Old Painted Cottage and a small potted herb for each of the guests.

Each of the guest brought a small plant for my sister's garden. And while the guests arrived there was a small craft table for them to decorate a plant stake to remind my sister who gave her this wonderful gift.

Then we filled the teapots and set them 3 to a table. And even though it was 92 degrees, the hot tea helped to cool us down.

The best part was that each teapot held a different tea, so there was much table hopping to taste the different teas.

Even though tea is supposed to be a "refined" event, I felt very much as I did when I was so much younger "playing" tea party. I wonder if I ever grew up.

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Katie said...

What a fun idea! Everything looks beautiful, Alma! Thanks for sharing!


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