Thursday, February 26, 2009

San Jose Convention

Well the San Jose Convention has come and gone. And it was exciting, being the first convention of the year for me. There was some extra excitement, behind the scenes.

A Stamp in the Hand, which runs the show, had reserved a different hall for the convention. (It was the one that we were in last time) Little did they know that the hall had been reserved previously, for a wedding reception. The Hall's peeps had been notified to cancel the reservation for the reception when they took ASITH's reservation. So you can imagine the turmoil that ensued when the bride came in to pay off the hall. CHAOS. ASITH scrambled around to find a new hall just a week or so before the convention.

Luckily, they found a new hall that was nice and big, with better lighting and parking. SCORE!

It was a busy day at the Cat's booth and I got to meet some people I had been wanting to put a face to an email. I met Carol C. (whose last name I wouldn't say for fear of butchering), Makani Lew, who is as warm as the city she lives in. And two mischievous Swanky Stampers, Michele and Tracy. Tracy, who in my head, was like 6 feet tall, because I figured that someone is as cute as a model, must be super tall to complete the package. I was wrong. The gal is cuter than her picture and around my height! And she is a bundle of energy. Yay for short people!

Our next convention is next month in Pleasanton. Come by and say hi!


Tracy said...

Hey Alma!! You are tooo funny. My face is as red as a tomato right now. *blush* I can't wait to see you again in Pleasanton.


walesk said...

hey, I'm short too... come down to San Diego! :)

toners said...

So glad everything went well. You're so lucky to have met Tracy!! :)

mtfalco said...

Hey, where was this picture taken from? There's me and my mom working the magic at the demo table. hehe.

Carol said...

Hello Alma! glad it worked out! Your booth was HAPPY and FUN; I had a great time shopping! And Tracy and her mom were so energetic, i had to have the rub-on kit! :) thanks for the tip on versafine too!


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