Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shannan Tuebner IV

It's been a real treat to feature Shannon Tuebner this month as our Special Guest Designer.
She has such innovation in her design and has a fresh way of looking at things.

I love this card! What is not to love? It's got everything. Bright colors, texture, stitching and great texture. And best of all a great sense of humor.

We know that life experiences help mold who we are and how we look at things. So we asked Shannan a couple more questions.

What has been your happiest moment?
Goodness that's a tough one!! There are so many! The first that comes to mind is the day I heard my boys playing together and was so sweet to hear them having so much fun.

Besides stamping, what is your next passion?
Music. I love most types of music and was a vocal music major in college. Now I just stick to singing in the car. I'm sure people driving by think I'm insane! You can find me rockin' out to anything from Hairspray and the Eagles, to the Potter's House Choir and opera.

So it's all about rockin' out. Rock out everyone.

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