Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Amy Rohl

It's Special Guest Designer Wednesday!

And it's time for one last look at our Special Guest Designer for March, Amy Rohl.

What has been your happiest moment?
Watching my kids grow up and the loving moments between them, those genuine smiles and hearty belly laughs.

Besides stamping, what is your next passion?
My biggest passion would have to be my family, trying to ride "the wave" of life with them and keeping everyone balanced, afloat and enjoying the ride!

Amy's done a lot of great pieces this month, but this one, has got to be my favorite. Why? Because not only is it beautiful, it shows that she gets me.

I designed this stamp with the chick on the end wearing an Easter bonnet. It looks like a bonnet when colored, but in black and white, when you see it as a stamp image, it's hard to tell what it is. I got many queries as to what it was. So when I saw this card, it brought tears to my eyes. Amy got it. Plus the fact that she must have channeled my brain. This was exactly how I pictured these little birdies colored. Even down to their rosy cheeks.

And then, I took a closer look. This card is a knocks-your-socks-off kind of card. If the subtle coloring doesn't wow you, perhaps the careful cutting around the birds will. Then Amy adds texture with some sweet trim. A little bit of lace here, a little bit of scalloped there and then BAM! This is such a pretty card. Don't you think?

Thank you, Amy for sharing your creations with us.


Amy said...

Alma, you made me tingle all over reading this post! I just want to {thank you} for asking little ol' me to do this! And you know what's funny?? I'm not afraid of my TCP stamps anymore, woo hoo! I reach for them all the time!

Amy Ü
(btw...still smiling!)

carole (TruCarMa) said...

Yes, I definitely think!!! I think Amy is the most fabulous, coolest, everything-good-est in the whole wide world o' stamping!!! I {LOVE} the rohla!!!!

Carol said...

Amy rocked the coloring on this image! wow! It looks so beautiful and fresh! All the details of the card just enhances that image - GREAT JOB! when i grow up as a stamper, I'm wishing to be like Amy :) LOL

Lisa T said...

Oh so sweet! Love the chicks. Love the colors!

Linda Beeson said...

Oh wow! The color combination and those paper choices are sooooo the best! Are those images just so cute.


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