Sunday, December 05, 2010

Thank You, Mainely Stampin'

Thank you Mainely Stampin' and their stamping clients for making my time at their Annual Holiday Maine Event a fun one. I had over 50 people come and make the Hot Chocolate CarryAll that I designed especially for this event. And there would have been more, but you only have so much room at a table, dontcha know. If they ever ask me back, I'll have to sit in a different place, so that we can fit more people in. ;)

The Holiday Maine Event was wall to wall people, and there was yummy Minestrone soup to eat. The Maine Event is also the last trunk show of the year for The Cat's Pajamas, and will be there for another week. So if you need any Cat's Pajamas Holiday goodness, Mainely Stampin' in Fairfield, California is the place to go.

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