Monday, April 04, 2011

One Week Ago

It's been nearly a week since we had our March release and I have to say, I think you guys really liked it. We had 8 NEW Clearly Swanky Sets and 4 New CutUps dies released and we are busy packing orders.

Since I was out of town the week before the release, I didn't have a chance to see all the wonderful cards and projects that The Cat Pack created with the stamp sets and dies. I just uploaded a slew of them onto the gallery section of the website, but I thought I'd share a few of my favorites.

This cute card by Tracy Falco uses the set Field of Pinwheels. She also uses our NEW Pinwheel CutUps die that cuts both the large and small pinwheel at one time. AND Tracy uses the NEW Grass CutUps die, too. I love how she nestles the sentiment in even more grass. In fact, it's the negative space that was cut when she cut the larger bit. So you get two different looks from one die. I love that about this CutUps.

Don't you just love this colorful card from Toni? She really makes her cards little bits of art. She uses the Catch My Drift Clearly Swanky Set for this card.

When I saw this card by Susan Liles, my jaw just dropped. Not only did she color the image in Wet Puddle to perfection, but check out how she made the umbrella using our Easy Rosette CutUps. And she tucked the notched banner from the same die behind the main image.

This card by Jackie Pedro, is just luscious. Her choice of colors (yes, even the blue frosting) on the card using A Girl and Her Cake, is yummy. And I love the way she added just that bit of grass from the Grass CutUps die to the edge of the panel. So whimsical.

I love the Clean and Simple design of this card by Julie Masse. She uses the Grass, and Easy Rosette CutUps dies to perfection. And that sentiment from our Simply Said Clearly Swanky Set used as a stem? Brilliant.

One thing, among the many things I love about Tori Wild is that she's not afraid of color. She embraces it. Check out the card using PJ from the What a Blast Clearly Swanky Set. If you haven't noticed, it's Pink. Okay, there's some red in there, too, but mostly Pink. With Kraft and black and white. Love this combo and the Pinwheel tucked jauntily into the corner.

Jen del Muro is not afraid of color either. Just check out this card using The Tweetest Things and our Home Tweet Home CutUps. Her card's design just makes me want to sing.

Here's another look at the same The Tweetest Things Clearly Swanky Set and our Home Tweet Home CutUps. This one by Sony Christoph. Same stamp set and die, but a completely different look. Just terrific.

Here's Carole's take on a completely different set, Idols. This card is everything I imagined, when I designed this set—only better. Love that she popped up the penguins and accessorized them with the pompadour, mop top hair, epaulets and glove in the set. I love it, yeah, yeah, yeah!

This card by Leigh is truly one of my favorites. I love the simplicity of the card and the concept. She uses Catch My Drift with the Simply Said Clearly Swanky Set and the Easy Rosette CutUps. The bear floating along the countryside with that sentiment is just perfect. I can bearly stand it. (Yes, I said it, bearly)

And then, lastly, this beauty by Amy. I don't know how she thinks of these things, but a tussie mussie of pinwheels? Wow. She used a lot of CutUps on this heartstopper. But, mainly the Pinwheel CutUps. See the wee one at the bottom? Then she added "I Miss You" from the Simply Said set. Amy, if I stay away long enough will you miss me enough to send this to me?


Linda (LSN on SCS) said...

I think that it is awesome that you are doing this! It's always fun to see what your favorites are out of all the projects! You picked many of my favorites too!


Makalah said...

Of course we liked it! How soon until we can do that again? ;)

Chris said...

Oh my goodness, they are fabulous, the DT and their creations.


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