Thursday, September 01, 2011

Swanky Stamper of the Month

Wendy Bond — Swanky Stamper for September

I admit it, I'm kind of a game nerd. I love the bright colors and designs of gameboards, and pieces and cards.

Gameboards, especially, always made me feel like I was going on a trip. I could imagine myself riding the shoe, or in a tiny little car making my way through the board. And don't get me started on the playing pieces. I love the feel of a domino or chess piece or poker chip. Sheesh!

So when this pretty little card by Wendy Bond using Take Off and our Cloud Border, flashed across my screen, I gasped. Yes, gasped. Not only did she play around with different patterns and textures, but she brought to light my little, er....problem. Thanks, Wendy.

Wendy wins a selection of our stamps and dies from our next release and gets to play along with us.

Congrats, Wendy.

The best thing about choosing the Swanky Stamper for the month, is that I get a chance to revisit all the cards that were posted that month. And some of them, posted after the weekly challenge date, I haven't seen before. Here are a couple of cards that really made me smile.

Take this one by Christine Veneruso using Define Good. The gal knows the way to my heart. Lots of patterns and textures and PLAID! I love me some plaid.

Rachel Gaugler posted this delightful card using the Sketch from our TCP Tuesday Sketch Challenge and Kick Some Grass. Love the scalloped panel she uses for "grass."

And this beauty by Nancy Thomas using The Tweetest Things and various CutUps Dies. I just keep staring and staring at it. So whimsical and perfect. Love that little bit of Divine Twine at the bottom. It just finishes it off.

And then, Kimberly Gajewski puts me in the Christmas spirit with this wonderful card using Deep Breath. I can almost feel the chill in the air. LOVES the rhinestone swirly thingy. Really makes me think of skating figures in the ice. Well, not me, but maybe someone like Michele Kwan.

I'm so glad that all these gals played along with us! They are all winners. But the real winner is me. I get to see all the yummy cards using our stamps and dies.


Jackie Pedro said...

Hooray for Bond!!! Awesome card, Girl!!! Great choice, Alma!

Jenny said...

I think it's a great choice as well Alma- Wendy will be a great addition to the team during release!!!! Congrats Bond!

Lisa H. said...

yeah! congrats to BOND!!! she sure rocks and so do those other them all!

Chris said...

where was I for the last couple days? I forgot all about the Swanky Stamper, I'm glad you didn't. Wendy's card is fabulous, that's one of my fav images (I just used it for this week).
thanks for the kind words about my card. I do love playing with that bunny.


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