Saturday, September 03, 2011


If there is nothing I like more, it's a weekend! And even better...? A THREE day weekend. And I don't know about you, but I love to "draw" during the weekend. There are no phones ringing, no UPS men ringing my doorbell. Just huge blocks of time I can spend researching and putting new stuff together and figuring stuff out. Today, though, I'm moving The Cat's Pajamas site to a new server, which will allow us to do some pretty cool stuff. So if you see a "error" message when you try to get to our site, you know why.

So a THREE day weekend is GREAT! Because I actually get a day where I can relax.

My days seem to be living weekend to weekend, though, and it's funny how time can pass so quickly.

Like this picture of my niece, Robyn. It seems like just yesterday she looked like this (and her room was actually clean, so a picture had to be taken)

How many weekends ago was this? Just 2 weeks ago, I was waving goodbye to her as she left for college. How many weekends will it be until I see her again?

...... okay...moving on....

Are you stamping this weekend? Have you played in our last TCP Tuesday Challenge, yet? Remember, Susan was the Hostess with the Mostess and she was challenging you—nay, daring you to "Wing it". To use any TCP stamp with a wing in it.

The Cat Pack really had fun with this challenge. Check out Jen's pretty card. Methinks, someone is thinking about Christmas.

How many weekends until Christmas. Not enough.

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