Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mocha, Part 1

Yes, I've been a bad blogger, but I'll try to be better.
When we moved into our house a year ago we were adopted by a couple of feral cats. One, affectionately called "Orange Bang!" and the other "White Kitty". Here is Orange Bang!

White Kitty had a sore on his nose that just wouldn't heal. When I came back from LA a couple of weeks back it had taken over one side of his nose. So I called around for a vet that would treat ferals and proceeded to try and catch him. Once caught, the vet took one look and pronounced cancer. Cancer, only treatable by treatments of chemo. And the cancer was making it hard for White Kitty to breathe. We knew we had to put White Kitty down.

In the vet's waiting room we noticed a flyer for a "Free Cat". The cat was a siamese mix that had been hanging around the finder's house for 2 months. It had a license, but the number did not match a cat in the counties database. The finder had also looked through the "lost pet" postings at all the counties shelters, but no one was looking for this kitty.

The kitty, it turns out, had been living back and forth between 2 neighbor's houses. One had a dog and the other had recently lost a beloved cat and wasn't ready to take on a new one. And she was a sweetie. You could tell that she had charmed the menfolk and one had tears in his eyes as we put the kitty in her carrier. The other asked if I would call once in a while to let him know how she was doing.

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justjohanna said...

cute kitty! looking forward to hearing about all the kitty mischief. our feral kitty that adopted us really wants to be an inside kitty. it will be hard to decide what to do with him when we move.


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