Thursday, July 20, 2006

Who said anything about being a morning person?

For the last couple of days I have set the alarm clock to go off at 6:00am. Not that I get up at that time or anything. But after a couple of swipes at the alarm clock I am up and at 'em.

The sun is up at that time and the light is just beautiful, streaming through my front windows onto the hardwood floors. I make coffee and put out the food for the 2 feral cats that adopted us shortly after we moved in. Several days after our move we discovered that our precious Sprinkle had cancer and then she left us alone, each in our own way, and missing her desperately. The cats, (who I originally thought of as one, were, and are very skittery and don't let us get within 5 feet of them) helped me get through my loss. They are really quite the silly creatures and make us smile and sigh in delight whenever we see them.

So after I put their food down I stand at the window and wait for one of them to silently enter the garden on their silent cat feet, and watch them from behind a curtain to start my day. I feel blessed just to be able to share this time with them, even if they don't even know I'm there.

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